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TransitionRubberFlooring System

Animat is one of the world leading companies in production of comfortable and robust rubber floor systems for livestock and horses and mattress systems for dairy cows. Active for more than 30 years in 4 continents it offers a wide range of high-quality products for walking alleys, feed lines, holding areas, milking rooms, cubicle areas and many more. The usage of precise and modern technologies together with many years of experience allow Animat to manufacture rubber mats and mattresses which meet the requirements of farmers and breeders worldwide.  The quality of its products is assured in the 3 production facilities in Canada from where all products find their way to customers across the globe.

One of its recent developments - theTransitionRubberFlooring System,representstheperfectsolutionfor  calves, the future and the investor’s capital of every farmer. Young cattle are more sensitive and require more attention. A comfortable, soft and non-slip surface ensures a good health and early adaptation of calves and heifers to free stall housing. Taking all these aspects into account, Animat has designed a special rubber mat for young cattle whichprovidesthe necessarycomfortandsoftness, free and secure movement and decreases the level of injuries and stress. Whereas the pebbled surface ensures high traction, the grooves on the bottom end evacuate liquid and enhance the feeling of comfort of young animals. The high quality of Animat products are fully maintained in the new Transition mat. Thanks to the offered Interlock connection, it can be adapted and cut to fit in any size of  area for young cattle. Additionally, Transition mats can be installed on a slatted floor and tightly fixed with our top-grade SlatLock system.

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